rectangular survey

”Like bees or ants or other well-organized societies, Americans, once they fixed upon the rectangular survey, were inflexible in their devotion to the idea.”  Vernon Carstensen in ‘Patterns on the American Land’   “I have supposed it practicable to prevent its generation by building our cities on a more open plan. Take, for instance, the checker board for a plan. Let the black squares only be building squares, and the white ones be left open, in turf and trees. Every square of houses will be surrounded by four open squares... Read The Rest →

behind the window project

grid drawing technique A method for transferring a drawing to another surface on a different scale, especially to a larger surface that is to be painted, such as a canvas or a wall. (…) the drawing is ruled off into squares, and the same number of squares are then ruled on the surface to which the drawing is to be transferred. Each square of the drawing is then copied freehand onto the corresponding square of the other surface,  focusing on one square at a time. ‘Alberti’s window’ , an open... Read The Rest →


”As I walk through the city, repeating everyday the same streets and ways, the familiar sites awake different perceptions. On literature, this situation is described as “epiphany” (the moment when the perception really comprehends/understands everything that is usual, creating a new vision of it generating new possibilities of questioning what has already been seen). The search for this new reality can be orientated to any fragment, as well as, to a group of facts, that can be trivial, like walking, watching TV and so on. Nothing stands still, only in... Read The Rest →


“It’s a puzzle which no city, I would suggest, has figured out.”

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