Overview text

from the hexagon’s depth to the stars’surface

the sound of my steps covered the silence of the night
there are no more borders

some upside down lace
the weight of the wind on the horizon
the shadows undulate with the heat
under a starry sky of lampposts
the semolina caught in a gasstorm
a network of shadows revealed itself under the spotlights

Pull down

walls turn around the corners
houses burn into pieces
avid colonies build layouts
space pieces rely on some rest
knots link up, links knot
boxes get fat on both sides
from behind my windows
squares fill up themselves
some still-life confess their transparency
the surface stands out from its background
the light shows me what I turn my back to

see what the darkness looks like

nothing important happened today
the depth in between
time to restore the balance
with what is at hands
there are no coincidences, there are only encounters
time materialized itself through boredom
an exchange of time
a time of exchange of time of exchange of time
of exchange of time

march 2nd 2013